Saturday, 15 January 2011

Well... That was a little messed up!!

Today I finished reading The Little House by Philippa Gregory.
I have never been let down by any of the novels she has written and although this book is different to her usual story I still immensely enjoyed it.
It is based on a character called Ruth and the power struggle between her perfect mother in law who can do no wrong and seems to be able to do everything single handedly.

Ruth is happily married and a career woman who has had an upsetting childhood as an orphan but she has gone through it and carried on like any self respecting woman would.
Her husbands parents live in the country and idolize their son and are overbearing and interfering and buy Ruth and her husband a house right on their doorstep. When Ruth has a child she feels control slipping away from her as her in-laws take over her family and decide she is not fit to be a mother.

I wont say any more as I do not want to spoil it for anyone, but i DO recommend reading it as it is easy to read and has a couple of awesome twists in it..if you know me you'll know that is what I like in a book.
I will say that I was disappointed to find that ITV had done an adaptation of it and aired it just before Christmas...... Actually I was excited at first.... until I found it on youtube in 8 parts and I started watching it.... And I realised just how 'Adapted' it was. I find it quite a shame as the book was brilliant and I do not understand why they had to change things like the fact that Ruth was a writer and Radio News presenter in the book...but in the TV adaptation she was a primary school teacher?!?
Were they trying to make her more likeable? I just don't get it.
That and the many other changes they made in the TV adaptation make me loose more and more faith in TV adaptations of books. I really dislike when they don't use parts of the original story lines and add crap in that nobody really needs to know about as it does not particularly relate to the original story line...

Ok so I will stop ranting and rambling on now....
I hope you have enjoyed....and that you read The Little House!

Thanks for reading